Death of former EPPA and FIPPA President - Frank Smith (RIP)
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Frank Smith RIP

Death of former EPPA and FIPPA President


Fernando Morgado Trophy - Slovenia representatative

Jozep Klancnik nominated to represent Slovenia


FChPP Annual Dinner

November 8th - Photo Gallery and Video


Fernando Morgado Trophy

Pre inscription date


Catalan International Pairs

October 12th/14th is 2018 date


French Teams Cup

Victory for Seilh Toulouse Jeune at La Ramee


Australian Open 2017

Tom Rickit retains title

FChPP Annual Dinner
Catalan Seniors Championship
Ladies Promotional Day
“I would like to oversee a more modern FIPPA/EPPA organisation, taking on board a variety of 21st century communication technologies to keep associations, affiliated clubs and moreover players in touch with news about our game irrespective of where the game is played, locally, nationally or internationally.”
Victor Moscatel, FIPPA President 2014.
“Our Constitution stated that our primary role was to promote international competition between member countries. We've reached a new level with the formation of FIPPA. We need to pursue parallel both a marketing policy and a competitions strategy. We need to run quality events, not every weekend but definitely a number annually.”
Mervyn Cooney, FIPPA President 2007.
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November 2017
International Calendar 2017

Below you will find the list of events on the global Pitch and Putt calendar for this year :

  • April 22/23   Catalan Open, Sant Cebria
  • April 29/30   International, Argentina v. Chile - Buenos Aires
  • May 12/14   Iberian Team Open, Urduna
  • June 9/11   First World Pairs championship, Tambre
  • July 6/9   World Strokeplay Championship. Imjelt, Drammen
  • July 28/30   Quadrangular International, El Pilar-Sarria
  • September 15/17   Slovenia Open, Brdo
  • September 23/24   VI Andorra Open, Xixerella
  • September 30/October 1   International, Chile v. Argentina - Santiago
  • September 30/October 1   South American Championship, Santiago
  • October 12/15   Catalan International Pairs, Lleida
  • October 28/29   Australian Open, Waverley

Morgado Trophy at

Puerto Velero

Catalan Open at


“The sharing with people from Argentina and Ecuador made for a more than pleasant environment. It is one of the the most important aspects of this championship - the opportunity to generate alliances that will allow us to evolve the sport in South America to a level that equals us to the world powers.”
Cristobal Andrade, Chile.

Recent Major Events

World Strokeplay 2017
World Cup 2016
Euro Strokeplay 2015
European Team 2014

Results 2017

  • Catalan Open wins at Sant Cebria for Enric Sanz, Gloria Ruiz and Amador Rodriguez
  • Win for Argentina with 2nd leg to come later in the year
  • Inaugural victory for Olympus 1 of Catalonia
  • Liam O'Donovan and Pacelli Darcy win at Tambre
  • World titles for Liam O'Donovan, Eleanor Walsh and Amador Rodriguez
  • 1. France 2. Catalonia 3. Galicia 4. Basque
  • Five stroke victory for Victor Moscatel at Brdo
  • Victory for Toni Armengol at Xixerella while Gloria Ruiz wins ladies
  • Chile takes 2nd leg and wins on aggregate
  • Chileans crowned inaugural champions in Santiago
  • Holland's Rolf Kwant and Rinus Huberts victorious in Lleida
  • Tom Rickit wins second Australian Open in a row as Jesika Clark takes ladies

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Catalan International Pairs 2017

Rolf Kwant and Rinus Huberts win at Lleida


VI Andorra Open

Victory for Toni Armengol


Australian Open 2017

Tom Rickit retains title


Slovenia Open

Five stroke victory for Victor Moscatel at Brdo


South American Team Championship

Chileans are crowned inaugural champions


Chile v. Argentina

Chile takes second leg and wins on aggregate