Catalan Open 2022 - Details released
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Catalan Open 2022

Details released


Joep Van Mourik R.I.P.

Sad loss of a Dutch stalwart


FIPPA Calendar 2022

Exciting programme announced


WPPT Calendar 2022

draft schedule announced


WPPT Presentation Tournament

Alex Albinyana shoots 141 to come out on top


Joel Ferré RIP

Death of CPPF Treasurer


Catalan International Pairs 2021

Girbau and Cucurull take laurels on -24

Ladies Inter Club
Torneo Ebron
NRT Strokeplay
“We have new challenges ahead, to revitalize our sport again, to promote international and local competitions and to generate new projects, such as the World Pitch & Putt Tour to, in addition to promoting the sport, giving it more visibility, all without forgetting our usual activities. As President of the FIPPA, I thank you for your perseverance especially during the pandemic and I encourage you to be constant and imaginative to promote our sport with force.”
Victor Moscatel, FIPPA President 2021.
“I want to lead a modern organisation, using a variety of 21st century communication technologies to keep associations, affiliated clubs and players in touch with news about our game irrespective of where it is played, locally, nationally or internationally.”
Victor Moscatel, FIPPA President 2014.
“Our primary role is to promote international competition between members. We need to pursue parallel both a marketing policy and a competitions strategy. We need to run quality events, not every weekend but definitely a number annually.”
Mervyn Cooney, FIPPA President 2007.
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January 2022
International Calendar 2022

Below you will find the list of events on the global Pitch and Putt calendar for this year :

  • April 22/24   Catalan Open, Lloret de Mar
  • May 20/22   Ourense International Pairs
  • June 10/12   Andorra International Pairs, Xixerella
  • July 1/3   Five Nations Tournament, Galicia
  • July 8/10   Breizh Open, Quiberon
  • July 22/24   Irish Open, Tullamore
  • August 19/22   Dutch Open,
  • August 26/28   Slovenia v. France, Žaženberk
  • September 23/25   Andorra Open, Xixerella
  • October 8/9   European Seniors Championship, Hcp 1
  • October 21/23   Catalan International Pairs, Sant Cebria
  • November   World Cup - provisional

Catalan Open at

Lloret, Lloret de Mar

Ourense Int. Pairs at

Pozo Do Lago

“We have a small community within the game where most people know each other and always feed ideas to each other. One of the things I would like to see if people could assist in the development of their clubs’ facilities. We have so much expertise within the game who are more than obliging in assisting clubs with their development.”
Paul O'Brien, Ireland.

Recent Major Events

European Strokeplay 2019
European Team Championship 2018
World Strokeplay 2017
World Cup 2016

Results 2021

  • Wins for Oriol Mas and Encarnaci Robledo at Platja d'Aro
  • Catalonia defeat France in final
  • Victory for Josep Iglesias Miralpeix and Angel Navarro
  • Rolf Kwant, Esther de Schiffart and Wichert Doppers top leaderboards
  • Rudolf Leban and Herma Kleinlugtenbeld triumph
  • Success for Josep Iglesias and Soraya Lassal
  • 138 clinches victory for Pablo Rodriguez and David Sanchez
  • Wins for Charlie Cloarec and Francoise Le Fur
  • Joel Girbau and Lluis Cucurull take laurels
  • Alex Albinyana is the champ

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WPPT Presentation Tournament

Alex Albinyana shoots 141 to come out on top


Catalan International Pairs 2021

Girbau and Cucurull take laurels on -24


III Breizh Open

Charlie Cloarec wins on -7 after cancellation of final round


Ourense International Pairs

Rodriguez and Sanchez score 138 to win


Andorra Open 2021

Josep Iglesias victorious in play-off


Slovenia Open 2021

Rudolf Leban triumphs at Stanezice